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Afton Lavinia Violet Clarke, 10 Jun 2021

Superb ❤❤❤❤❤

Afton Lavinia Violet Clarke, 10 Jun 2021


Zak, 06 Jun 2021

Fast good

Darren, 06 Jun 2021

Good food

Michael, 04 Jun 2021

Never had any problems and food is always good

Neil, 23 May 2021

Thanks :)

Adam, 18 May 2021

Great food and customer service when you don't forget the juice

Afton Lavinia Violet Clarke, 10 May 2021


The only chippy worth your money. Big portions and always add that extra little something 5 ?

Zak, 04 May 2021

Great website

David, 17 Apr 2021

Took nearly two hours to come then it was shocking pizza burnt to a crisp had to bin it

Steven , 14 Apr 2021

It was so delicious, thank You :)

Kajetan, 11 Apr 2021

Great value

Craig, 03 Apr 2021

Dinos decent grub

Jennifer, 27 Mar 2021


Jordan, 21 Mar 2021


Jordan, 20 Mar 2021

Great Chippy and prices are excellent really affordable. Lovely friendly service.

Kayla, 14 Mar 2021

The veg pakora is under cook i dont like it rest of pizza is good

Hamza, 07 Mar 2021

That was good

Hamza, 06 Mar 2021

Very pleasant staff

Johnston Chambers , 05 Mar 2021

Really good service from really friendly staff. Food is of a really height standard and priced reasonably. Keep up the good work “team Dinos “

Alex, 05 Mar 2021

Great seervice

Samantha, 03 Mar 2021

Food was great

David, 02 Mar 2021

Phoned at 18:40 on 25/2 to try and order Meal deal 2 (which is on the front page of the website but isn't available to order online) to be told that it doesn't exist and that I should order it online despite telling them I couldn't. Was shouted at over the phone and hung up on when I asked why it was on the front page of the site if it doesn't exist. Can provide screenshots and would like to speak with management.

Alex, 25 Feb 2021

My address looks different it doesn't give me the option to put the / in as in 8/2 it says 8 2 so looks like 82 with the space

Kerry, 08 Feb 2021

Second time in a week you've sent the wrong pizza! Last time it was the wrong extra toppings, this time the doner pizza has no doner on it. The chicken burger is too spicy, it's never been even slightly spicy before. If it didn't take so long to get delivered we would have phoned to get it fixed. Please also explain to your drivers what CONTACTLESS means. Utterly disappointed, quality has dropped hugely.

Lorna, 29 Jan 2021